What are the hottest kitchen trends for 2022?

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It may seem hard to believe, but we’re into the final quarter of this year. So, already, design experts are starting to look forward to 2022 and identify interiors trends for that most important room in the house, the kitchen.

Here, we look at some of them.

Statement metal hoods

This trend looks set to take off on a huge scale. Look on it as a way of breaking up your cabinets’ angular lines with sculpture and shape.

Layered lighting

This can be a tricky one to get right. But it’s definitely worth persevering. Lighting really helps create a sense of place. Remember, you only need some task lighting for particular food prep areas. And if you have too many downlights, the kitchen ceiling can end up looking like a landing strip. If you have a large kitchen, having, say, two different lighting designs adds character. It also gives your room two distinct areas.

Consider having one open shelf

If your kitchen design gets too ‘busy’, you risk visual overload. Think about sticking to simple colours, and keeping at least some wall space bare. One idea is to have a single shelf rather than wall-hung kitchen units, for a relaxed, unfussy look. This also gives more dramatic effect to something like a concrete backsplash.

Bold colour contrasts

Take two colours from different sides of the colour wheel, such as green and pink, and enjoy the resulting vibrant contrasts! There’s nothing to say your kitchen has to be in a single hue, or that shades have to ‘match’.

Marvelling at marble!

Marble is certainly having something of a ‘moment’ in the current kitchen design stakes. And that’s particularly true of the strongly veined variety providing a great contrast with other textures and surfaces. Indeed, it has become a byword for high-end luxury. It’s sustainable, durable, classically elegant and never goes out of style. Have it as a countertop, sink or island, as flooring or perhaps use it in a statement splashback.

After all, it’s one of those durable, classic natural stones whose elegant appeal never goes out of style.

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