Edgy! What’s the best way of finishing off my kitchen countertops?

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Customers often ask us for advice about how best to complete the look of their kitchen. This room is, after all, the heart of any home.

Clearly, deciding which material to have in your worktops in this space is a big decision when it comes to overall appearance. A lot will depend on how you use your kitchen, how much cooking and entertaining you do, and whether you have pets or young children.

Durability, ease of maintenance and resistance to scratches, spillages and staining will all play their part.

But the devil, as ever, lies in the detail, however seemingly small. One such detail when it comes to kitchens is how you edge your worktops. After all, they’re more customisable than you may have realised. And they have more of an impact on the room’s tone than you possibly appreciated.

What’s more, the decorative edge of a counter can strengthen your chosen look and style. That’s true whether you’ve gone for a traditional or contemporary feel, or something in between.

Bear in mind that the typical depth of a kitchen worktop is 26 inches, including the overhang. You’ll also want to take the material’s thickness into account. (Recently, thicker styles have become more popular.)

Safety first

Another thing to consider is safety, not least if you have small children at home. Clearly, the rounded edges of, for example, a waterfall or ogee edge are much less dangerous for your little ones than designs with sharp corners.

What types of finishes are there?

Here are some types of worktop finishes you can choose from:

Ogee edge – This features a concave arch flowing into a concave one; it can be expensive to cut into granite, concrete or marble.

Bevel edge – This has an angle of less than 90 degrees; it’s usually 45 degrees, making for quite an angular look.

Mitred edge – Creates a seamless edge between the top of the countertop and a second piece of stone to create a specialty edge.

Bullnose edge – Bullnose edges are curved along the top and bottom for an even finish.

Waterfall edge – Here the kitchen countertop seems to ‘flow’ from the top of the counter to the floor; this style is more commonly seen on a kitchen island.

Pencil edge – This is a finish with a slightly rounded edge, so it’s safe if you have kids around, since they can’t hurt themselves on it.

Dupont edge – This is a short 90-degree angle extending down into a rounded edge for a profile that’s a striking take on the Ogee design.

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