Why do marble countertops tend to stain quite easily?

Marble Countertop Stainability Repair London

Few things add a more classily elegant accent to a kitchen or bathroom than a marble countertop. But to keep worktops or vanity units looking their beautiful best, you need to understand how to look after them. It’s also worth knowing why some of the more common issues can occur.

To start to understand why marble can stain pretty readily, for example, you have to realise that the natural geological process of crystallisation gives this stone its unique veining, colour and texture.

Equally, marble is more sensitive and softer than other types of natural stone, and can etch or stain more easily if it’s not cared for properly.

Understanding marble’s porosity

The other thing to appreciate about marble is that, because it’s a calcium carbonate, its surface is porous and soft. That means that even relatively minor liquid spillages can lead to marks being left behind. Even water, also based on calcium, can leave mineral deposits after it has dried out.

Marble is also a lot more porous than, for example, granite or engineered quartz. This may inform your decision when choosing a natural stone for your home.

Take care with cleaning products

Standard, multi-purpose cleaning products like sprays can contain solvents and pigments which may break down your marble countertop’s protective seal, causing etching, stains or even just an annoyingly dulled surface.

Stick to products which are pH neutral and especially deigned to be used on natural stone.

Acid house?

Acid-based liquids can get deep into marble’s pores, where they react to cause unsightly stains. Such everyday liquids include fruit juices, coffee, cola drinks, wine, tea and indeed anything containing citric acid.

Oils, such as those used in cooking, can also penetrate this stone, making their mark in all the wrong ways.

What you can do to minimise damage

Seal your countertop at least once a year, mop up any spillages at once, and buff regularly to stop water from building up and staining your worktop.

If you find water is leaving marks, rather than just beading on the surface, it’s time to reseal your worktop.

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