Could a granite worktop be just what your bathroom needs?

Granite Countertop Restoration Repair London

If lockdown has made you realise your current bathroom is looking rather tired, granite may not have been your first choice of material for new countertops. But there are many reasons why, in fact, it could be a great otion for this busy room. Here are some of them:

It enhance your property’s value

Granite is a sought-after look, and its popularity has soared in recent years. It’s durable and has a natural beauty. So it’s likely to be a great investment if you’re thinking of selling up in the next few years. Even if you’re not, you’ll have a great-looking bathroom to relish!

And because, as we’ve said, it’s long-lasting, you only need to fit your granite bathroom countertops once.

Each piece is unique

Since granite is a natural stone, no two pieces of it are going to be identical. So each slab has a unique appeal. This substance comes in a variety of colours. But we’re guessing that for your bathroom, you’ll probably want a soft, neutral tone. That could include grey or white. You don’t get the dramatic veining you do with marble, but granite looks stunning nonetheless.

Resistant to heating, staining and etching

If you have a busy household and your bathroom gets a lot of traffic, granite countertops could be the perfect choice. This stone is lower-maintenance than marble, and for daily cleaning just needs a quick wipe with a soft cloth to keep it looking its gorgeous best. That means it’s tough enough to withstand most day-to-day wear and tear. It even resists heat, staining and etching.

Even if you do have a spillage of, say, a messy hair dye (accidents do happen, after all), the natural tones of granite will hide it well.

How can we help?

At Royal Stone Care, the natural stone contractor, we’re granite repair specialists. That means we can take on any granite worktop repair task that goes beyond the daily cleaning you can do yourself.

So make us your first port of call for granite chip repair in London, stain removal and anything else. We have the staff, techniques and experience to do a first-class job across the capital, whether you’re a domestic or business client.