What is limestone and why use it for kitchen countertops?

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A common form of carbonate, sedentary rock, limestone is made up mainly of calcite and aragonite. These two minerals are different forms of calcium carbonate. Soft, porous limestone is also readily available, and easy to shape and form.

People have used it in buildings for centuries. And you’ll find it in world-famous sites such as the Great Pyramid, the Parthenon and the Lincoln Memorial. Today, one of the most popular uses of limestone is in natural stone kitchen worktops.

Here, we take a look at some of this stone’s benefits:

It has a natural beauty

Limestone is one of the most stunning types of naturally occurring stone you’ll find anywhere. Put simply, in terms of its appearance, it’s unique. No other stone can quite replicate its gorgeous look.

It’s versatile

This stone enhances your kitchen whether you’re going for a minimalist look or bold colours. And so it’s a great look, whatever the rest of your room is like. It’s classic and timeless, so will never go out of style.

One of the reasons it’s so versatile is that in comes in attractive neutral shades, from cream and sand to grey and taupe.

It’s more cost-effective than you thought

When compared with other types of natural stone, like granite, quartz or marble, limestone can often work out as a more cost-effective option. Obviously that doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, exactly. But you should find you get excellent value for money.

And one of the reasons for that is that, cared for properly, limestone has incredible longevity and can last for decades.

It’s heat-resistant

Limestone doesn’t expand if a hot dish is placed on it or an oven heats up. That makes it less vulnerable to cracking and chipping. (As a precaution, however, it’s stil best not to place hot pans directly on the surface.)

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Limestone is pretty low-maintenance – but not zero maintenance. You’ll still need to look after it with daily wiping and frequent sealing. Equally, take care to avoid scratching and staining, and remember to always use a chopping board.

This kind of regular care is straightforward enough. But for anything more specialist, you need a professional limestone restoration service in London. At Royal Stone Care, whether you’re a residential or business client, we can help with comprehensive limestone care service, covering everything from limestone worktop chip repair to full sealing and restoration.

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