Why choosing a limestone fireplace?

Limestone Fireplace Restoration Repair London

It’s hardly surprising that limestone hearths are in such high demand. After all, fireplaces make a focal point as the heart of the home, and one in this lovely natural stone is a genuine investment piece. It can reflect your personality and personal style.

(And in fact this material has been used in this way since the seventeenth century.)

Here are some of the main reasons why limestone works so well:

Low maintenance

Don’t worry that limestone is a porous rock. Provided you seal your fireplace surround with a specialist sealant regularly, you’ll keep all manner of stains and moisture at bay. (Sealing should also take place as part of the installation process.)

Limestone works with all styles of fire

Limestone can work with wood burners, gas fires or open hearths. That’s because it’s long-lasting, and very easy to clean and maintain. You won’t damage it, whatever fire type you have.

Effortlessly stylish

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that comes in different colours ranging from yellows to creams and greys, or even light pink hues. No matter the style of your home, limestone conveys a timeless chic and warmth.

Every single piece of limestone is unique, both in look and feel. So you will never have a limestone fireplace that will look the same as anyone else’s.

Simple to work with

This substance is durable, strong and yet easier to work with than you may have realised. As a result, the stonemason fashioning your fireplace will be able to make clean lines and accurate cuts so that your fireplace fits snugly into its allocated space. Its workability also makes it very customisable.

More affordable than you thought

Limestone can be sourced here in the UK. And, incidentally, this ability to quarry it locally also makes it an ethical choice. That means you can spend less on the stone itself. So you have more budget to spend on any customisation options you want.

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