Make the most of your marble fireplace this winter

Marble Fireplace Restoration Repair London

A fireplace makes an attention-grabbing focal point in any space, and there are numerous things you can do to maximise the impact of this feature if you’re lucky enough to have one – especially if it’s in glorious marble.

Create symmetry

A good example of this is to have a visually pleasing symmetry, especially in home offices and living rooms or snugs. For example, have similar bookcases either side of your fireplace. (This also creates a calm, orderly look.)

Go for a contrast colour

You could opt for pale neutrals. But with a marble fireplace particularly, a matt charcoal shade for the walls really highlights the veining and luminosity off your surround. Vibrant furniture and interesting vases will also go well with this kind of monochrome background.

If you’ve got it, display it

Think beyond the usual photo frames and candlesticks, appealing though these can be. Instead, how about some colourful vintage glass vessels, seasonal flowers or bright prints? Scour car-boot sales and second-hand stores for quirky items. Don’t be afraid to mix up textures and shape. However, classic elements, like an ornate mirror hanging above a fireplace, are popular choices because they work.

Block it out

As mentioned above, contrast wall colours can really set off your fireplace. But if, actually, and for whatever reason, you’re not that fond of yours, but don’t want to take it out, there is a solution. If you have it in the same colour as the surrounding paintwork, it will seamlessly blend in, and barely stand out at all.

A twist with tiles

This is an easy and relatively cost-effective way of breathing new life into your fireplace. If yours has tiles which no longer suit your style, think of replacing with others which are more interesting, for example in a herringbone pattern. Think white tiling offset by a dark grouting for a striking look.

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