How much overhang my kitchen countertop may have?

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If you’re overhauling your kitchen, there are a few key decisions you’ll need to make. These are likely to include thinking about your countertops. And nitty-gritty details will include the size of their overhang.

In fact, this can affect your kitchen and its efficiency, plus the functionality of your worktops, so it’s more of an important factor than you may have realised.

What is overhang?

Just to be clear, overhang is the distance from the leading edge of the kitchen countertop to your base cabinet, or appliance if the worktop goes over that. Essentially, its function is to protect the cabinet and its hardware from any food spillages. What’s more, the overhang also conceals any slight alignment issues or imperfection with the cabinetry.

What is the recommended overhang?

As a general rule, the suggested ideal worktop overhang is somewhere between an inch and an inch and a half. Apparently this is also a comfortable length on which to lean your arms as you chat or wait for something to cook.

Is there a minimum overhang size?

With small kitchens in particular, where floor space can be limited, a more protruding worktop will reduce the square feet you have to walk around in.

But many experts suggest you still allow an inch of space for an overhang. This won’t take up too much room. Any smaller and you could make it tricky to do basic cooking tasks such as chopping vegetables or mixing ingredients.

And, is there a maximum?

If your kitchen is big enough, you could consider a more sizeable overhang. That could be especially true if you have worktops in a gorgeous natural stone such as marble, quartz or granite.

Remember, however, that you will want to be able to reach across your worktop comfortably. Therefore most experts probably wouldn’t want an overhang of more than 12 inches.

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