Which stone flooring would be best for me?

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If you’re thinking about manufactured or real stone for your floor, you can look forward to a smart-looking yet highly practical end result. You’ll also be adding character and value to your property. What’s more, it could cost you a lot less than you realised.
But each material will have different benefits and drawbacks. Equally, you’ll find a huge range of different brands, finishes and thicknesses among the options on offer.

Considerations when choosing stone flooring

1. Think in advance about how you will clean your floor, especially in a high-traffic area like a kitchen or bathroom. Practicality and functionality are clearly key considerations.
2. Appearance is also, of course, important – personal taste and existing décor will come into play here, along with budget.
3. You may want to consider manufactured stone flooring rather than natural stone tiles made from, for example, marble. Options include quartz, ceramic and others. These flooring types are incredibly durable, and non-porous, so clearly they’re ideal for rooms which are likely to get wet. (Quartz, for example, shrugs off stains, heat and scratches.)

What are the natural stone options?


This flexible material comes in a variety of colours. Heat and scratch-resistant and highly durable, this stone is functional yet provides a luxurious look.


This substance has a rather rustic appearance and a satin finish. This makes it the ideal choice for modern properties. It’s also perfect in places like hallways and bathrooms, where there is perhaps less chance of getting any acidic spillages on the stone. (Over time, these could obviously have a significant impact on the appearance of the limestone.)


One of the most elegant and glamorous flooring types on the market, marble comes in an array of colour and design choices. That means you can adapt it to the look of just about any property.

The truth is that each stone is unique, offering a different look for your stone flooring project. At Royal Stone Care, we can help whichever option you choose. Talk to us whether you need marble cleaning, granite restoration or limestone repair in London.

If you’re a commercial or domestic customer based in the London area, talk to us before you talk to anyone else.