Why use limestone tiles in your bathroom?

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Limestone is known for its durability and elegant appearance. Additionally, you can use it in just about any room in the house. Most limestone cleaning is also pretty straightforward – you’ll just need a mop or a damp cloth. What’s more, people have used this material in construction for centuries.

One room you may not have thought of using limestone in is the bathroom. And if you want to combine a smart look with functionality, then tiles in this natural stone may well be the best way to go. Here, we consider some of the advantages you can look forward to in plumping for limestone bathroom tiles for the floor or walls.

A luxurious look

The natural appearance of limestone means this stone suits just about any décor or background, whether you have a modern home or something in a more traditional style. You really will create a look of luxury.


The great news is that limestone tiles don’t have to cost the earth. (However, of course some types are more expensive than others.) This relative affordability makes it an excellent choice if, like most people, you are redecorating or renovating on a budget. And remember, your tiles will be long-lasting, adding to the cost-effective nature of this material.

Ease of installation

As it’s lightweight, and doesn’t require adhesives or grouting, fitting these tiles isn’t a particularly complex job.

Limestone tiling: the versatile option

It’s true that all limestone has quite an earthy tone. But colours vary from grey to white, beige and ivory. Equally, you can have straight or chiselled edges, and a rough or smooth-grain feel. What’s more, your tiles will all display unique patterns. And it will be easy to use limestone create an individual look for your bathroom.


Hard-working limestone tiles are far more than just a pretty face! Use them in areas like shower stalls safe in the knowledge that they will perform well even if they get wet.

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