Which granite cleaning products should I use?

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Granite is an ideal material for kitchen worktops for a number of reasons. These include its resilience and ease of maintenance, plus the capacity for this stone to be fashioned into custom designs.

Equally, looking after granite worktops is straightforward. It’s really just a matter of combining a daily once-over with a regular, deeper clean.

But people often ask us what products they should use to clean a surface of this stone. So, here, we take a look at some of the options to think about.

What about home-made products?

Certainly, some solutions you can put together yourself can be just as effective as shop-bought products – not to mention significantly cheaper. These include the likes of regular washing-up liquid and warm water or a paste made with water and bicarb of soda.

You could also combine some rubbing alcohol or surgical spirits with dish soap and water. Add a few drops of an essential oil if you wish, to create another natural and home-made solution.

Tips for your products

We’d recommend that, whatever you choose, you go for something with antibacterial properties. This will help keep the areas of your countertop where you prepare food safe and hygienic.

And you might want to check that products you use are as gentle on the environment as they will be on your natural stone.

Another option to consider is specialist granite-cleaning wipes for a swift clean and freshen up, or to mop up any spillages when you’re in the middle of cooking. (These are also good when you are just dealing with a smaller section of your worktop.)

Finally, if you want a high-shine finish, use a granite polish to make sure your work top is never less than eye-catching. There are two-in-one products which contain polish to provide an extra shine when you’re cleaning your natural stone surface.

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