What are the top kitchen trends for 2024?

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As the autumn gets underway, thoughts are turning towards next year. (No, we’re not quite sure where 2023 has gone, either!)

If you’re thinking about renovating the most important room in the home (your kitchen) next year, there are so many choices it can feel overwhelming. So to help you stay one step ahead, here are some key kitchen trends that leading designers are predicting we’ll see in 2024.

Bold colour schemes

The latest trend when it comes to colour schemes is to think bold. If you have an open-plan kitchen that connects visually with the dining or living area, a colour block throughout injects some serious personality into this part of your home.

Meanwhile, for pantries, there appears to be a shift towards darker tones.

Wooden floors

Increasingly, interior designers are finding their clients are asking for wooden floors, while previously tiling was preferred for practical reasons.

Oversized handles

There’s been a bit of love recently for dramatically oversized and eye-catching cupboard handle designs that are easy to grab hold of. So if you’ve saved money on cabinets, why not splurge on the handles?

The other thing that’s going supersized, incidentally, is fridges. So go large and make a statement with them, too!

Colourful taps

Once again, could it be time to strike out and go bold? Think bright or jewel tones to bring a jolt of energy to your space. Alternatively, brass never goes out of style. (And, for next season, think unlacquered.)

Rounded islands

Kitchen islands don’t need sharp corners. Rounded edges are a lot more user-friendly – all round! What’s more, they create more space to move around in the room, while making everything feel a little softer.

Cabinets to the ceiling

Cabinets running all the way to the ceiling are perhaps another example of the growing trend for bold, statement designs in kitchens. If there is space between the ceiling and the top of your cupboards, it can just gather dust or be a dumping ground for rarely used kitchen items.

Black countertops

Other things you can expect to see in style-setting kitchens include hints of pistachio green, textured surfaces – and layers of black. However, if adding the latter feels a little extreme, you could incorporate black in your worktop and/or backsplash for an eye-catching look.

Slab backsplashes

A wall of marble or other stone adds an immediate focal point with natural shapes and textures. Something like limestone for example, is easy to maintain while resisting heat, stains and moisture. But not only are slab backsplashes highly functional, they also have an enduring aesthetic appeal.

With marble, by the way, classic white, grey and neutral tones are elegantly timeless. But this material also comes in hues from deep emerald green to pale pink – and the more unusual shades can create the perfect kitchen island plus a bright, open space. (Light-coloured marble with subtle veining is also trending, and this combines sophistication with simplicity.)

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