How do I prepare my marble fireplace for winter?

Marble Fireplace Restoration and Cleaning in London

At the time of writing, the UK is experiencing some unseasonal end-of-summer hot days. But autumn is surely on its way nonetheless. Indeed, according to one weather website, the 2023-4 winter is set to be drier and colder than in previous years, increasing the potential for snow.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a marble fireplace at home, you’re likely to want to start using it again as autumn slips into winter.

But before you crack open the toasting marshmallows, you need to bring your fireplace out of hibernation! After all, whether you have a real fire or an electric or gas version, the chances are it’s been unused since March or April. So it’s definitely worth having a bit of a spring (or autumn) clean and running a few basic safety checks.

Why do I need to clean and check my fireplace ahead of the winter?

Quite simply, a well-maintained fireplace burns more safely and efficiently. And, after all, as your fireplace returns to being the focal point of your room, once again it needs to look it’s glorious best.

Not only that, but who knows what summer debris could have collected in the chimney? You’ll need to have it swept before using the fire again on a regular basis, even if yours has a flue liner. Look for a local business registered with the National Association of Chimney Sweeps.

Clean the grate

It’s time to do this, especially if you didn’t get round to it at the end of last winter. Start with a thorough sweeping. And then hooover up the ash with a specialist vacuum cleaner.

Safety checks

If you have a gas fire, it’s worth getting a gas-safe engineer to do an annual check. This gives you peace of mind, while ensuring your fire works efficiently.

With an electric fire you can just give it a good clean and check yourself that everything still works.

A quick visual inspection of your roof and chimney should be enough to identify any obvious issues such as cracks, weeds or nesting birds. (Your chimney sweep should also highlight these.)

Finally, test your carbon dioxide monitor as per the manufacturer’s manual.

Clean your fire surround

Make your stylish marble fire surround look immaculate for the winter months ahead. First wipe with a clean damp cloth. Next buff up with a soft dry one for a sparkling end result.

If you notice any particular marks, you can use a specialist marble cleaner, ideally testing it on an unobtrusive area first. Remember, it’s never a good idea to use general household cleaners on this natural stone.

Equally, it’s probably a good idea to remind your household of basic marble care and the usual sensible precautions. These include not placing hot cups directly on the marble surface, not dropping anything on it and cleaning up any spillages immediately.

Don’t forget the finishing touches!

And, finally … for the new season, how about jazzing up your fireplace? Think new (or indeed antique) tools such as pokers or tongs, or a fresh log basket. Now could also be the perfect time to have different photos or dried-flower arrangements on your mantlepiece. Or why not hang a new picture above it?

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