Which are the most child-friendly kitchen countertops?

Kitchen Countertop; a Selection between Marble, Granite and Natural Stones or Quartz and Concrete

If you’re a parent of young children, it’s understandable that you would worry about damage to and stains on natural stone surfaces. However, it may pleasantly surprise you to learn that you don’t have to stick to a dull laminate worktop. There are other options, which will withstand daily wear and tear at the (sticky) hands of little ones.

Here, we talk you through some of the choices open to homeowners:


It may not have the most kid-friendly reputation, but in fact it’s more practical than you may realise. With proper installation and strong, modern sealing, granite is easy to clean if your little darling spills some juice, thanks to the stone’s nonporous nature.

Equally, in a bathroom granite withstands heat if you have teenagers who aren’t too fussy where they place hot hair tools. And if you spill facial products or nail varnish, you can just wipe them off.


Again, sealants, plus polishing, can help prevent permanent marking of this soft, porous stone. You also need to be careful to do things like, for example, not cutting anything directly on marble but using a chopping board instead.

However, if we’re honest, marble countertop may not be the ideal choice of natural stone in your kitchen if you have very small or particularly messy kiddies at home.


Whether you have this stuff on a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity unit, it’s a solidly manufactured product. And it’s stronger than many of the other options on offer.

It nonporous character gives it superior durability. Meanwhile, maintenance is as simple and no-nonsense as wiping it with a mild detergent and warm water.

What’s more, once it’s been installed, resealing isn’t necessary.

So, essentially, just having younger members of a household certainly doesn’t mean ruling out the use of natural stone worktops.

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