Bring terrific terrazzo inside your home!

Terrazzo Repair Cleaning and Restoration in London

It’s the interiors trend that’s taking the UK by storm! We’re seeing it everywhere this summer, from wallpaper to kitchen countertops and flooring. And you can find items in a terrazzo-style pattern on everything from lampshades to drinks coasters.

Terrazzo means terrace – it comes from Italy, where people used it first in flooring in palazzos. Mainly, it consists of marble chips to create a resilient surface.

Other materials, including glass, granite and quartz, are also in terrazzo, making it colourful and versatile. What’s more, a cement or resin binder is also there. Equally, terrazzo has quite an artisanal feel – and is inexpensive to produce.

Easy to install, vibrant and versatile

It’s easy to pour terrazzo into different shapes, from curved counters to shower trays. Meanwhile, the pattern and colour combinations are endless.

At the same time, the hues are vibrant without any particular shade overwhelming a space. So why not pick out individual colours in the terrazzo and complement them with other items in the same room in that shade?

Maintaining your terrazzo countertops

Applying stone polish every couple of months or so will refresh your surface. Additionally, it’s worth resealing your worktop every few years.

As with any natural stone, use a non-abrasive product and a soft cloth for cleaning. Even soap can leave behind a fatty residue, so be careful. And it’s always good to mop up any spillages straight away, too.

Cleaning a terrazzo floor

Sweep up superficial debris first of all. Next, with plain water or a pH-neutral cleaner, mop and let the liquid sink in to dissolve the dirt. Then it’s time for rinsing and buffing.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we love terrazzo and its stylish versatility for bathroom and kitchen floors and work surfaces.

And when it comes to looking after this stuff, we’re the go-to experts for terrazzo across the London area.

Because we’re a highly experienced specialist terrazzo cleaning in London, we can handle all kinds of terrazzo repair and routine maintenance. Whatever the issue, we can help in a wide range of commercial and private settings. So talk to us today about what you need.