Concrete kitchen countertops: all you need to know

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With the ‘industrial’ look highly popular, concrete is increasingly being seen across the UK’s homes. Just now, you’ll find it in everything from kitchen tables and countertops to floors.

With concrete worktops, you can create a genuinely unique look, especially if you fit them on an island unit. Install countertops only in this material, or just some for a striking contrast. You can pair it up with a variety of other materials.

What’s the benefit?

The benefits to using this material include each unit having a different texture and finish, so it’s unique.

Equally, it can create the ideal fit for your kitchen. You can mould the stuff to any shape or thickness.

What’s more, it’s a hard-wearing substance whose strength increases over time. And it creates an appearance that’s completely different from the norm. It suits many different kitchen styles, and can make a bold or subtle design statement.

There are also countless possibilities with different finishes and colour tones. This depends on the pigment included in the mix when the concrete is cast.

Fitting concrete kitchen worktops

This is very straightforward since the weight of this material means the pieces stay in position.

You may want to add a sealer, either one giving strong protection and a conventional matt finish or an impregnated product leaving more of a polished finish. This also allows the material’s patina to develop more over time.

You only need to apply polyurethane sealants. But impregnated sealers also have wax in them. This will need to be reapplied.

Maintaining your concrete worktops

Look after them properly and your countertops will last for years. Use a standard washing-up liquid which doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or other ingredients, including bleach.

As with all surfaces, clean stains and spills before they harden and dry. Equally, try not to spill anything in the first place.

However, concrete is pretty tough stuff, and usually stays looking good with a little common sense.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we handle concrete crack repair in London and routine maintenance and cleaning of concrete worktops. We’re a concrete repair company specialising in these surfaces.

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