Enjoy the natural beauty of quartz in your bathroom

Quartz Restoration and Repair for Bathroom and Kitchen in London

Lockdown has caused many of us to see our homes through new eyes after spending so many weeks there. And your bathroom may well be one area you feel is ready for a refresh.

One material you may not have considered using in this most personal and important of spaces is quartz. But in fact this material is used in bathrooms in commercial and domestic properties all over the world.

And when you consider its excellent properties, including visual elegance, versatility, durability and longevity, that’s perhaps not surprising.

Equally, while it may not be the cheapest stone in the world, it offers great value. It will last for years without the need to replace it. And it could seriously enhance the value of your property.

Here are just a few of the ways you could use quartz in your bathroom:

Wet rooms

If this is the option you’ve chosen for your bathing space, you could clad shower trays and walls in quartz to create a waterproof design that’s functional yet innovative. For an older property in particular, this could grant it a fresh lease of life.

Wall panels to banish grotty grouting

The standard bathroom has tiles with grouting which can start to look decidedly grimy as time goes on. Quartz wall panels stay looking classy, and need minimal maintenance to keep looking that way.

A rainbow of colours

Whether you prefer subtle shades or prefer to go for something more striking, quartz has it all. It’s available in a huge range of different hues and patterns.

Worktops and sinks

These are clearly a huge part of your bathroom’s overall look, so you’ll want to get sinks and worktops spot-on. Quartz creates a unique, clean appearance and as we’ve mentioned, needs little in the way of looking after. Good old soap and water work perfectly.

Here to help

Given this natural stone’s robustness, you shouldn’t need quartz repair services that often. But when you do, you’re invariably better off calling in the professionals. Royal Stone Care is a quartz restoration specialist in London, well used to carrying out quartz countertop repair, and we also work with quartz bathrooms.

We’re operating safely across the London area throughout the pandemic. Call us today, whether you need quartz worktop repair, routine cleaning and maintenance or anything else.