Five things to bear in mind before you power-wash your driveway

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If you haven’t got around to it so far this year, power washing is a quick and easy way of cleaning outdoor areas like patios and driveways. With stream jet washing, powerful blasts of warm water can shift grime, mould or dirt in one go. There’s no elbow grease or scrubbing.

Now is also a good time of year to think about stream pressure washing, especially if lockdown has caused you to look afresh at the outside of your property while you’ve been at home more.

However, this technique needs to be done properly and carefully, or it can end up doing more harm than good. Here’s what to know before you take action:

It’s a potentially dangerous activity

You’ll need heavy-duty gloves, noise-cancelling headphones, work boots and safety goggles. Clear the area of pets, people and children. Also, be aware that the heavy blasts of water can send debris flying.

Power-washing and pressure-washing are different things

With power-washing, the technique heats water before it is used in cleaning.

Be aware that it can damage some materials, including sandstone and wood, and it can remove paint. So proceed with caution.

Protect plants and furniture

Cover plants and flowers with a tarp before washing. Remove any non-metal furniture or things like toys and paddling pools.

Don’t attempt the task in winter

Of course, it’s fine at this time of year to think about outside cleaning. But in freezing weather, water can get into cracks, expand and harm the structure of your building. Don’t even think about this job until at least mid-to-late spring.

Having the right solution

Good old-fashioned soap and water will work, but you could also choose a cleaning solution suitable for whatever it is you plan to wash, so check out your local DIY store. You can also find, for example, eco-friendly cleaners if that’s something that’s important to you.

Here to help

As well as caring for marble, quartz, granite and travertine, Royal Stone Care offers driveway cleaning services, and cleaning of all other outside areas. We’re providing these patio cleaning services safely across London throughout the lockdown, at commercial premises and homes across London.

If your outdoor area is also in need of concrete resurfacing or concrete crack repair, call us. We’re also a concrete repair specialist in London.