Six things to know before selecting marble kitchen worktops

Considerations Prior to Selecting a Marble Countertop for your Kitchen

Marble is one of the most sought-after materials on today’s market. Its gorgeous appearance gives it some serious clout. (This natural stone is also a popular bathroom choice.) But there are a few things you need to know before choosing these surfaces.

There are different finishes

You may think of marble as a purely polished stone, but other finishes are available. Honed marble doesn’t have this appearance. Instead, it’s ground stone, and has a more natural-looking, matte texture. It can stain more quickly. But you don’t have to worry so much about etching or marking from acid-based products.

So pick the finish you think would work best with what you need.

Keen baker? Choose marble!

If you fancy yourself as a Great British Bake-Off contender, consider marble. After all, it’s naturally lovely and cool to the touch. So it will stop your dough from getting too warm. No wonder so many old-style French boulangeries have marble worktops!

Over time, it develops a patina

Over time, your marble will change, since it has a ‘living’ finish. This can actually add to this stone’s aesthetic appeal. It may even make it look more interesting, as though your worktop has a history. It can also be proof that you love it. However, if you want an unchanging, pristine stone that doesn’t change over the years, you may be better off with something like an engineered quartz countertop.

It can enhance your home’s value

As a status material, marble can help increase the value of your property. So, while it’s definitely not cheap, it will be worth it. The other bonus, of course, is that marble countertops have a timeless appearance. It’s not about to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Cleaning is easier than you think

A damp cloth (preferably microfibre) and hot water plus some dish soap are all you need. Any cleaners based on bleach, lemon or vinegars can cause etching, since acid is the enemy. You actually don’t need any special products. However, if in any doubt, call in the marble cleaning experts.

As a porous material, marble can stain

Marble is of course a natural stone. So it readily absorbs spills, drips and food pigment if these are allowed to remain on the surface too long. Equally, it doesn’t like excessive heat. Make sure you never place hot pans or dishes straight on your worktop.

Here to help

Royal Stone Care are marble cleaning specialists in London. We’re expert in marble polishing, restoration and marble chip repair. And we’re continuing to work across London during the Covid-19 crisis, with safety precautions firmly in place. Talk to us before you talk to anyone else.