Balance kitchen countertops with a statement backsplash

Natural Stone Countertop and Backsplash Harmonics

You may not have previously thought about them much, but backsplashes can be great features. They make a statement and express individual personality. They may be functional, but that doesn’t make them necessarily uninspiring or boring. Indeed, it’s one part of your kitchen where you can have some fun with the design.

And there are more options for items these days than ever before, from single slabs of natural stone to glass, handmade tiles or reclaimed materials. So consider making yours the star of the show and draw the eye in your kitchen.

Equally, backsplashes are getting bigger! Some go all the way up to the ceiling, which can give your room more height and space.

What’s more, it’s fine if you get bored of the look, want to sell or have moved and want to make some alterations in your new home. A backsplash is not a difficult thing to change.

It may not take up that much room, but a backsplash can have more impact than you may think. It’s also a way of using stronger colour than you might use across bigger areas.

Additionally, you can either have the same or a contrast colour for your backsplash and kitchen worktops. Above all, it’s a balancing act, so that you don’t want the countertops ‘competing’ with your backsplash, otherwise the eye won’t know where to land!

What material to choose?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles don’t stain, while glass is another safe choice since maintenance is so easy; a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all you need.

Stacked or rough tiles may not work if you are a particularly keen cook, since grease can find hiding places in their nooks and crannies.

A natural stone backsplash will look stunning, even if a little more maintenance may be needed over time. Resealing them at least once a year will help.

Here to help

At Royal Stone Care, we can help you with natural stone tile backsplash, whatever material it’s made from, as part of our marble cleaning for London, granite restoration and quartz repair services and so on.

We work in commercial and domestic properties across London. We’re operating safely throughout the Covid-19 crisis, while also providing a deep-clean service. Talk to us today.