What is micro marble – and what makes it ideal for fireplaces?

Micro Marble for Fireplace Restoration and Repair in London

A popular choice for modern fireplaces, micro marble comprises crushed natural stone mixed with resin.

The finish and colouring in this material are beautifully even and consistent, creating a soft, warm look to your stone. So it’s not surprising that these models are outstripping the conventional version of the material.

What else is in it for me?

Micro marble brings a number of other benefits, a big one being that it’s
a material that’s extremely strong and durable – as much so as ‘real’ marble. It’s fire-resistant, too, as well as being easy to look after.

You can cut and shape it more easily than 100% marble, and this stuff can be adapted to suit all interiors and personal tastes. Choose from a range of colours from near-white to almost black, with the great variety of beige options in between proving among the most popular choices

How is it made?

Micro marble is man-made. Other stone, hardeners and additives go into the mix, alongside the real marble and resins. At the same time, colouring also goes in, before everything tips into massive metal moulds.

Once the mixture is hard, workers then take the block of materials out of its mould to make it into sheets. A production line calibrates, finishes and polishes these. Next, a factory makes the finished product into fireplaces.

The resulting fire surrounds, fireplaces and mantlepieces vary from classic with a contemporary twist to ultra-seek models with clean lines. And it’s also possible to personalise the item so that it suits your home and style perfectly.

How we can help

So if you’re thinking of revamping your home to create a cosy living room in time for autumn and winter, a micro marble fireplace could be worthy of your consideration.

What’s more, maintenance of these models isn’t too difficult or time-consuming. But occasionally you mean need professional marble cleaning or a marble chip repair service.

At Royal Stone Care, we’d be only too glad to oblige, whatever type of premises you have. We have many years’ experience as a marble restoration and cleaning in London and have all the experience, equipment and skills to do a first-class job every time.

So make us your first port of call for marble fireplace care. Get in touch today.