Considering a fresh kitchen colour? Try the new black!

Black Marble Kitchen Repair and Restoration London

For decades, white has been the default choice of colour for kitchens, albeit with some dalliances along the way with shades such as avocado. Or perhaps even turquoise and pink during the post-war era.

But in recent years, black has become an increasingly sought-after kitchen hue. Think glossy kitchen cabinets, alongside black marble worktops with white veins offering a striking contrast.

Some have even taken the idea as far as having black appliances such as fridges.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this trend is that, along with other darker shades, black works well in rooms where space may be at a premium. Clearly that’s generally the case with kitchens, especially in larger towns and cities. It can also make a room look vibrant and sophisticated.

At the same time, black conjures up the cast-iron, slate and black marble of old kitchens of films and TV shows like Downton Abbey.

Equally, it shows that you are not someone who is afraid of making a statement.

Have some contrast

If having your whole kitchen in black seems a step too far, that’s understandable. Consider having, say, shiny black cabinets and worktops with some colours in a lighter-coloured wood. Or take the whole thing down a notch with paler chairs, tiles or pottery.

Black feels natural alongside wood or metal, and remember you can contrast glossy and matte surfaces for a striking look.

But, however you use it, black tends to say chic elegance. And clearly, those are two things which never go out of fashion.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we can help where you’ve used natural stone in your kitchen, whatever the colour. We cover the whole commercial and residential settings, whether you need quartz repair, marble restoration or granite worktop repair in London.

Whatever natural stone you have in your kitchen, we’ll be able to work with it.

Not only is our work 100% guaranteed, we pledge never to use any harmful chemicals, and we also offer great-value annual maintenance plans. Get in touch today to find out more about our professional, effective service.