Updating your bathroom? Feel some concrete benefits!

Bathroom Natural Stone Repair and Restoration London

Lockdown has caused many of us to look at our homes with fresh eyes. If the increased time at home as made you realise you need to upgrade your bathroom, you’re far from alone.

The idea of concrete bathrooms may initially seem odd, drab or downright unsightly. But this material is increasingly popular for use in one of the home’s most intimate spaces. What’s more, this trend doesn’t sacrificing style for functionality.

The sheer weight of this material has, until now, made it hard to create the look without a lot of hassle and/or expenses. These days, it still isn’t be a DIY task, exactly. But you can get a builder to apply micro concrete to your current walls, and turn your bathroom into the stylish sanctuary it should be.

This material doesn’t just look great – it’s tough and hardwearing at the same time.

Be floored by concrete!

When it comes to your bathroom’s flooring, concrete offers a number of advantages. These include water-resistance plus the fact that it’s low-maintenance and hardwearing. Add a sealant and you have very long-lasting floor that should give you many years’ trouble-free service, with concrete floor repair only needed infrequently.

Your concrete floor will look especially effective if you have chosen an industrial-style space with iron fixtures or lots of exposed plumbing.

Equally, as long as there’s a proper barrier between it and any vulnerable surrounding materials, there’s no reason why you can’t use concrete in the base of your shower pan as well.

It’s true that a concrete bathroom may not be for everyone. And it’s certainly not for every home, but it could be an incredible addition to where you live.

How we can help

If you decide to go for a bathroom in this excellent natural stone, we at Royal Stone care are a concrete repair specialist in London area. As we said, concrete is incredibly durable. But if you do need concrete resurfacing, concrete crack repair or anything else, we’re here to help.

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