Marble kitchen worktops – understanding the benefits

Marble Kitchen Countertop Repair

We thought it was high time we offered a recap of the benefits marble can bring to a home. This natural stone looks elegant in bathrooms as well as kitchens. But it also offers a number of other advantages you may not be aware of:


Of course, ‘expensive’ may be an adjective that springs to mind when you think of marble. But, although cost will vary with thickness and type selected, in fact it’s more affordable than you think. That’s especially true when you compare it with other types of natural stone.


This material is actually more resistant to cracking, breaking and scratching than you may have realised. And as well as being hardwearing and offering great longevity, it’s actually softer than, say, granite. That means you can incorporate attractive design features, such as fancy edges to your countertops, during the production process. It’s also very easy to cut and shape.

Heat resistance

Cooks from home bakers to pro chefs have long favoured marble since it remains cool whatever the weather. That makes it ideal for tasks such as rolling out pastry. And since it’s heat-resistant, it will never burn or catch fire. However, you should not place hot saucepans or pots directly on the surface, or, in a bathroom, items like hot hair straighteners on a marble vanity unit.


Of course, you can try and recreate the look of genuine marble in countertop materials, but you’re likely to have only limited success. After all, each piece of this stone is 100% unique, thanks to its veining and the wide range of potential colours, determined by where the piece of marble comes from.

Let there be light

The natural glow from marble can reflect the light in a room, making it look brighter and bigger.

How we can help

You should be more than able to take care of day-to-day marble polishing yourself. However, when it comes to deep marble cleaning, or restoration, or if you need marble chip repair, it’s time to call in the professionals.

At Royal Stone Care, we’re marble repair and cleaning specialists in London and the surrounding areas. Whatever you need for your floor, kitchen worktop or vanity unit, we can help. Get in touch today for a quote.