How do I disinfect quartz countertops?

Quartz Countertop Disinfection Covid 19 London

Quartz makes an unbeatably versatile addition to any home, and you can use it in the bathroom or in beautiful kitchen worktops. This stone comes in a range of colours and patterns, and usually comprises a mix of natural quartz and durable resins.

Get your kitchen Covid-clean!

In these odd times of coronavirus, kitchen hygiene is clearly a priority. And while lockdown may have eased and infection rates gone down, unfortunately the virus is still very much with us.

So we’re all more aware of cleanliness. What’s more, part of a good regime includes sterilising all surfaces. Equally, products containing bleach and vinegar are known to have real potential when it comes to killing off the virus. However, they could permanently damage your quartz surface, exceptionally tough though this material is.

Here’s what to use

But the good news is that you can protect both your countertops and your family’s health cheaply and easily. Ordinary washing-up liquid and water can tackle all the grime, grease, germs and dirt typically found in a bathroom or kitchen. What’s more, it’s an eco-friendly solution.

Add ispropyl (rubbing alcohol) to the mixture. It’s similar to the stuff found in First Aid kids, and is an effective disinfecting agent.

Fill an empty spray bottle with warm water, adding a drop of washing-up liquid and four tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol to roughly every quarter-litre of water. Mix the solution gently.

The procedure

1.) Clear the space of utensils, appliances and the like to have access to the whole surface.

2.) Clean up any crumbs or other debris which could scratch the quartz surface if they were wiped.

3.) Spray your worktops quite copiously and allow the solution to work its way into the stone for at least a minute. Use a clean, soft cloth, applying more solution as necessary to break up stubborn dirt.

4.) Rinse the cloth, wipe up any leftover suds and dry your worktops with a towel.

How we can help

This is the sort of day-to-day cleaning you ought to be perfectly able to do yourself. And in fact you should ideally be cleaning your worktops every day. But for more complex quartz repair jobs, or quartz restoration, you need a specialist such as Royal Stone Care.

We can help with a speedy, effective quartz worktop repair in London as well as deep-clean services. So give us a call today to book an appointment.