Some things you may not have known about marble

Marble Cleaning and Restoration in London

For centuries, people have turned to marble for everything from temples to luxury hotel interiors. Timelessly beautiful and striking, this elegant natural stone can add warmth, class and opulence to just about any building.

Additionally, it’s versatile enough to work with almost any texture or colour you want. And people use it for floors, patios, worktops and even in the bathroom. What’s more, it’s almost certainly not as high-maintenance, fragile or as expensive as you might have thought.

Here, we look at a few surprising things about marble you may not have known.

Sharper veins cost more

Like anything else, the price of marble tiles will vary. The rarer types, with the stronger veining, will cost more. So it’s almost like buying a steak – the better the marbling, the higher the price tag.

There are basically three main marble types

Marble comes in varied patterns and different colours. Essentially, there are three key categories, each associated with a distinct appearance.


This is the famous white stone used in Ancient Rome and Greece. And you’ll see it in elaborate pillars and statues. Shades are variants of white, with the surface streaked grey.


This is closer to pure white, with darker grey streaks.


Think deeper, warmer shades, including bronzes, golds, deep browns and even reds. Equally, the veining is darker and tends to display in elaborate swirls.

Marble is hypoallergenic

If you have an allergy or asthma, or breathing difficulties, some wood varieties, or rugs, can make things tricky. But marble’s non-porous finish expels allergens. And at the same time, smells or fluff or hairs from pets do not cling in the same way they might to rugs or carpets.

Marble ages along with you

Marble tiling reveals its age (in a good way!) and reflects its personality. Choose from polished or matte surfaces, the latter potentially staining more easily but hiding scratches better. (Polished is the other way around.) Either way, you’ll love the depth of marble’s character.

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