What kitchen trends are we likely to see in 2021?

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As we’ve often said before, it’s the hub of the home and one of the first rooms you’re likely to renovate. So when it comes to interior design trends, those for the kitchen are particularly fast-moving. And social media accounts tend to be full of glossy pictures of the latest styles.

Marble set to stay popular

Marble has been as popular as ever in 2020, and it’s not a look that’s likely to go out of style anytime soon. Darker tones of this beautiful natural stone in particular are likely to prove sought-after as we head into 2021. Marble provides a classic, versatile look that can give any kitchen or bathroom a touch of sheer luxury.

Bare minalism is a hit

This is a common theme that we’re likely to see sticking around, with clutter-busting designs including monochrome colour schemes alongside clever storage solutions. It may be a cliché, but sometimes less really is more.

Waterfall countertops

Whether you go for marble or any other natural stone for your kitchen worktops, a waterfall countertop, for a modern kitchen especially, is a great look – and bang on-trend. It basically means that the top of the countertop ‘falls’ down the sides, creating the kind of minimalist look mentioned above, and bringing the whole appearance of the room together beautifully.

We think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these designs in 2021.

Plants and open shelving

House plants aren’t just for the sitting room. They can really open up a space, completing the perfect room and helping to create a relaxing feel. So this is likely to be another continuing trend, with the internet full of subscription packages for buying plants.

Equally, open shelving means all your kitchen contents are on display. This can look really striking, not least if your items have a particular colour scheme or theme. It also makes it easier to grab things when you’re cooking. You’ll also flood the space with colour, and looks especially good in a more traditional kitchen.

Your kitchen’s all white!

We’ve mentioned monochrome styles above. But experts are predicting a rise in white kitchen designs. Again, these enhance a minimalist look, while making a space look bigger than it is, and opening up a room. White also definitely stands the test of time, so no wonder it’s set to remain a popular choice.

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