Best ways of shifting stains and dirt from concrete!

Concrete Stain Removal London

If you’re trying to shift stains from concrete, it can seem a challenging task. And they can range from paint spills on the garage floor to oil marks on the driveway to mildew anywhere.

Why is concrete a particular challenge?

There are various reasons why concrete poses specific challenges when it comes to dirt removal.

Such blemishes tend to be down to things like petrol-based products, paint or living rganisms including algae, mildew and mould.

What’s more, concrete, as a porous stone, absorbs substances and liquids more deeply into its surface. This makes marks trickier to dislodge.

Know your stains!

There are liquid and dry products on the market for concrete stone removal. Each one works in a different way, and reacts differently to the stone surface, Above all, it’s important that you match the cleaner to the particular type of mark you’re tackling. Equally, it’s helpful to understand their diffferences. For example, living organisms like mould, algae and moss are biological stains. These need a solution that’s long-lasting and which acts rapidly. A commercial product is likely to do a faster, more effective job.

Meanwhile, spillages of petroleum-based products can get quite deeply into your stone. This can cause discolouration, and even chemical reactions that could cause damage to your concrete.

What type of cleaners are on the market?

If you use an acidic cleaner, neutralise it afterwards, since concrete, made with lime, is alkaline. Products based on enzymes or bacteria use biochemical reactions to work. Meanwhile, those which are pH-neutral are popular for cleaning sealed concrete surfaces which have no ingrained dirt, or on unsealed areas where only a mild cleaning is needed.

Finally, if you need a strong degreaser, think about an alkaline-based product on stains caused by oil, soot, tar, grease and petrol.

Depending on the product you use, it will take minutes or up to days to have an effect, precisely because they all work in different ways.

Biological stains, for example, can be shifted relatively quickly, while others may take longer to remove.

Above all, read the instructions for the product before you do anything else. And, finally, remember to clean up after yourself.

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