Key considerations for your kitchen countertops

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertop Cleaning and Restoration in London

Your kitchen worktops are where you throw down shopping bags and other items, chop food and prepare meals; essentially, they’re an important part of your daily life. Equally, they have a massive impact on the overall look of this most crucial room in the house.

So it’s vital that they look right, and are up to the job you need them for, and can withstand the daily wear and tear of family life. Equally, it’s important that you choose ones that are right for you and your home.

When it comes to selecting a material, one starting point is to, quite literally, to s ee how it feels in your hands. Granite and marble, for example, tend to be quite cool. So touch samples of stone before committing if you can.

Here are some other considerations:

Mix things up

Don’t be afraid to have, for example, modern finishes with more traditional elements. For instance, you could have gleaming white surfaces above rustic, pale-blue kitchen units.

Granite offers a bespoke finish

Granite comes second only to diamonds in terms of durability. This stone resists heat, scratches, water and a lot of staining. It comes in many varied styles and colours, with each piece unique so you have a bespoke look.

What’s more, it’s a low-maintenance material, so you shouldn’t need much in the way of granite repair or complicated cleaning very often.

Go for a compact, modern look

Compact countertops are on-trend right now, and offer your kitchen space a sleek, stylish and above all modern look.

Think about the sophistication of quartz

Quartz offers a hygienic, non-porous finish. It’s a real investment in both style and substance.

Most quartz worktops have a resin mixed in, combining the benefits of modern technology with the stone’s natural beauty. This also means you get a greater variety of colours and patterns than you would otherwise. And, again, quartz repair and cleaning are usually straightforward tasks.

Match with your shelves

Try to balance the look of your shelving so that it matches your worktops so that whole feel is coordinated. In fact, you may want to think about blending the colour palette across the entire room. However, when it comes to the floor, for example, you may want to go for a contrast shade.

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