Concrete bathroom floors – what are the pros and cons?

Concrete Floor Restoration and Resurfacing in London

It’s a leading building material used globally, and perhaps more readily associated with ‘brutalist’ architecture. But it’s becoming increasingly popular in interior design, and replacing the traditional materials used in countertops, including natural stone.

That includes an area of a place where you perhaps wouldn’t expect to see concrete – the bathroom.

These days, this stone comes in any number of colours and shapes, so ‘brutalist’ is no longer quite the right adjective to describe it! It can also be polished and honed so that it looks incredibly smooth, while modern methods of finishing this stone give it a truly cutting-edge look.

One area where we’re likely to be seeing more of concrete in the future is the bathroom floor, for all the reasons mentioned above. But what are the various pros and cons?

What are the advantages of concrete bathroom floors?

1.) It’s tough, hardwearing material, with installations often guaranteed for a good couple of decades. Looked after properly, your floor can last for as long as you are in a home.
2.) And although it’s naturally porous, it can handle an environment in which a lot of water is splashed around. (However, you will need to do some concrete crack repair if the surface is no longer smooth, as water can get into the stone that way.)
3.) It’s cost-effective, especially when compared with other stones.
4.) It’s easily cleaned, and aside from regular sealing so that you avoid staining, it’s pretty much maintenance-free. Just be careful not to use harsh chemicals.
5.) For routine concrete cleaning, just go over your surface quickly with a damp mop or a broom.

Not forgetting the potential downsides …

1.) While concrete flooring is generally low maintenance, be careful with spillages of liquids such as the toiletry products you’re bound to have in a bathroom. This can lead to discolouring of the stone.
2.) If you’re trying to create a bathroom that’s a cosy sanctuary, bear in mind that concrete floors can be quite cold to stand on, especially, obviously, in winter. It can also be quite a hard, slippery surface. So think about how you will protect children or older people if they use your bathroom.

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