Thinking about revamping your kitchen in lockdown?

Revamping Kitchen During Corona (Lockdown) Lockdown

We’re all spending far more time at home these days, and lockdown could actually present the ideal chance to take a closer look at where you live and think about any changes or upgrades you might want to make.

Of course, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, and one thing you may be looking to change is its colour scheme. And if you have the paint already or can order it in, there’s no reason why you can’t get started right away.

Here are a few thoughts to kick-start some inspiration:

  • Go for a retro look

Retro kitchens are having something of a moment, and a key part of this is to incorporate buckets of colour. So, for example, you could combine darker shades with candy hues plus vintage kitchenware to create a stunning look.

  • Colours that go together and those that don’t

Choose a palette of a very few complementary shades to create a standout new-look kitchen, or even just two, such as blue and gold. Alternatively, go for boldly clashing colours such as orange and lime green. Equally, you can set that off with white accents, lots of natural light and perhaps some stainless steel as well.

Or you may want to have say, a deep grey, with a bold slash of colour to offer a contrast.

Yet another idea is to combine brightly coloured walls with, say, neutral pine furniture.

  • Get creative with your splashback

Renting or feeling cautious about changing the look of a whole room? Opt instead for a vibrant splashback to inject colour. Or focus on another specific area such as tiles, a kitchen island or the cupboards.

  • Go green

A vibrant shade of this colour can add plenty of drama to a kitchen, and set off details like handles and lighting to perfection.

  • Pastel perfection

Thought pastels made a room look washed out? Think again! Particularly if you have a more traditional, country-style property, a pastel colour scheme could be ideal. Additionally, you could team up pale shades with a marble worktop and gold-coloured accessories for a striking new look.

Here to help

Remember, we at Royal Stone Care are here to help throughout lockdown and beyond, with natural stone cleaning, whatever colour scheme you decide on for your kitchen. We’re here whether you need quartz cleaning, marble restoration, granite chip repair or anything else.

And we’re working safely and in accordance with government guidelines – so give us a call.