Spring cleaning in the time of corona: further tips

Covid 19 (Corona) Home Deep Cleaning

April and May are clearly always the best times of year for spring cleaning. But, in 2020, this activity seems to have acquired a new significance. This time around, it’s about sanitising surfaces and spaces as well as removing the winter-long build-up of grime.

We know we’ve mentioned this topic before, but there’s a lot you can do at home to protect yourself. Here, we’ve rounded up some more tips to help for keeping your home or business fresh, clean, safe and free from the coronavirus.


It’s easy to forget that you can tread in the virus on your shoes when you’ve been out for shopping or exercise. A hot steam mop cleans, but also disinfects. (Equally, it’s a good idea right now to try and wear just pair of shoes and keep them by the door. Remove them when you come in.)

With a steam mop, you also avoid using harsh chemical cleaners, ideal if you have, say, marble floors.


When life gives you lemonade – use them to clean your oven! Cut four or five in half and squeeze the juice into a baking tray. Then cook with the squeezed lemons for half an hour at 225°C, to loosen grime. Then just wipe around with a damp sponge once the cooker has cooled.

Wash pillows

If you have hayfever or a similar allergy, you don’t want to be mistaking those symptoms for Covid-19. Wash your pillows and stop them being a breeding ground for dust mites.

Clean the washing machine

Reward your washing machine’s hard work for you with a good bath! This is important if someone you live with has been unwell. Add detergent as usual then run a cleaning or maintenance cycle. Alternatively, just an empty hot wash cycle.

DIY disinfectant

Your natural stone surfaces won’t be bleachable, but others will. Mix a third of a cup of bleach for around 4 litres of water. Keep surfaces damp for around 10m to ensure you kill off all germs.

Keep outside areas in good shape

You’re unlikely to be going far for the moment, so prepare to enjoy any outdoor areas you have, especially if the weather continues to be this good. Clean garden furniture, sweep up and generally have a good old tidy up and wash down concrete areas. (This will also flush away any lingering traces of the virus.)

You may also want to think about pressure-washing an outside area for an extra-thorough clean.

Here to help

At Royal Stone Care, we’re doing full deep cleans of commercial and domestic properties for anyone worried about the coronavirus. This is on top of our standard marble cleaning and quartz repair services in London and so on.

In addition, we provide high-quality driveway cleaning services with pressure-washing of outside areas. Give us a call to learn more.