Is concrete the new marble for kitchens?

Restoration to Concrete in London

With lockdown now a month old, most of us are spending more time at home. So you may well be taking a closer look at your kitchen. And you may be thinking about refitting it once restrictions are lifted.

Concrete countertops may not spring immediately to mind. But at least one respected designer is now describing the material as ‘the new marble’.

Concrete benefits

It may have developed a reputation over the years as something of a brutalist building material, but concrete can be far more versatile than you realised. Here are just some of its benefits:

  • It can be more cost-effective than marble, and easier to maintain with less fear of expensive damage from scratches and spillages.
  • Its appearance can be much less stark than you may have thought, with modern materials showing the kind of visual movement you’d normally expect to see with marble. It means that no two pieces of concrete are the same.
  • Previously, concrete slabs could have air gaps or crumbling sections. That would leave weak points and areas susceptible to staining. New production methods add fibre and plasticisers, forcing out air bubbles. This gives a solid, smooth finish.
  • Concrete is incredibly durable. After all, it’s what you find in pavements!

It’s true that, as a porous substance, even modern concrete can still crack. But then so can just about every natural stone, including marble and granite.

Concrete also absorbs liquids. You can seal concrete, but, even then markings may still show up. That’s particularly true of spillages such as juice, coffee, oil or red wine, all very common liquids to have in the kitchen.

Concrete using a resin mix can also make a surface non-porous. However, the appearance may be more artificial.

In summary, you may need occasional professional concrete crack repair firm, or expert concrete resurfacing. As a concrete repair company, we’re able to help.

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