Things you never knew you shouldn’t store on your kitchen countertop!

Countertop Restoration and Cleaning in London

Clearly you’re in your kitchen every day, and it’s easy to take your countertops somewhat for granted. So you may have stopped thinking about what you place on these surfaces. You may also stash things here when you’re not sure where else to put them.

But there are ways of using the space effectively. What’s more, cluttered worktop space can be a real source of kitchen-based stress!

So here’s our list of things which, ideally, you shouldn’t store on kitchen countertops.

  • Rarely used appliances

Blenders, mixers and even toasters are all vital kitchen tools. But if you don’t use them that often, they could be taking up valuable space. These appliances can be one of the key culprits when it comes to countertop clutter. So if you don’t use an appliance every day, store it elsewhere.

Equally, think twice about storing any electronic gadgets which could be accidentally splashed, such as an Amazon Alexa, on your countertop.

  • Papers

Life can be busy, so it’s tempting to toss bills, flyers, free newspapers and the like in a pile on the countertop rather than sorting them out, and recycling the unwanted ones. But go through papers often so they don’t build up. Ink can even transfer to the countertop surface if there’s moisture. Take two minutes a day to keep on top of the pile.

  • China and dinnerware

It may be tempting to have your finest china on display, but, if you only use it rarely, it will just gather dust so could even be actively unhygienic. Unless you really are happy wiping it every week, store elsewhere.

The same goes for canisters storing tea, coffee and sugar, which can take up a lot of room. These are probably better off kept in a cupboard.

  • Spices

You may be surprised to learn this, but in fact the countertop may not be the best storage space for your spice collection. Light and heat from the sun or cooking surfaces can impair flavour, so your spices will last longer in a cool, dark spot. The same goes for olive oil.

Other things you may want to keep away from countertops are knives, for obvious safety reasons, and junk food, for obvious temptation reasons.

How we can help

Another key part of countertop care is deep-cleaning and sealing these surfaces, and dealing with any repairs quickly.

At Royal Stone Care, we specialise in care for natural stone countertops, and can handle anything from marble cleaning to granite repair and quartz restoration. Whatever you need, if you’re based in the London area, we can help. Get in touch right now for a free quote.