The benefits of a travertine kitchen countertop

Travertine Countertop Cleaning and Restoration in London

If you’re revamping your kitchen this spring, one of the key decisions is likely to be what kind of kitchen countertop to have.

One increasingly popular material you may not have considered is travertine. This is a kind of limestone deposited by natural springs. Like marble, it is a natural stone, and can lend your kitchen (and bathroom, come to that) countertops a naturally polished, shiny appearance.

So it’s a chic choice, giving your home an instantly luxurious look.

Feel the benefits

Here are some other reasons for choosing travertine for your home:

  • As a natural stone, it is available in various colours and tones, to suit your taste and current décor. You can also choose from polished, matte or brushed finishes. (A polished countertop reflects the natural light and looks especially good.)
  • Travertine looks similar to marble or granite, while being significantly cheaper
  • This material is extremely hardwearing and durable, and is also able to resist water and moisture. Handled with care, travertine does not crack easily and can stay looking pristine for years.
  • The stone is also highly versatile, in that it can be easily replaced as and when necessary, and it’s also easy to cut and shape. That means you can easily achieve the design, shape and size you want.

While travertine is low maintenance, like anything else it needs regular care, and problems can crop up over time. Accidents happen, your stone can get knocked or otherwise damaged, and you may need to deal with spillages. Travertine will react to acidic liquids, such as lime or orange juice, even if spillages are quite small.

Equally, the natural pores that are part of its structure can deepen and become bigger with time.

So, now and then, it makes sense to use a professional stone cleaning and repair company, so your travertine countertops stay looking as good as they did the day they were fitted. These services are especially important when it comes to deep cleans and restoration work.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we specialise in all natural stone care for countertops, and can take care of stone repair and cleaning, including travertine polishing and restoration. We have all the staff, equipment and expertise needed to do a perfect job. Whatever you need, wherever you’re based in or around London, we can help. Talk to us today and get your free quote.