Spring into action this April and May with a pressure wash of your driveway

Steam Pressure Washing and Jet Wash for Patio and Driveway in London

The clocks have leapt forward, the evenings are lighter for longer, and spring is (we hope) finally here.

It’s a great time for cracking on with all those outside maintenance jobs you have probably been putting off all winter. But now that the weather is better, you can’t keep putting them off!

Such tasks include cleaning out the gutters, inspecting the roof to see if any repairs are needed, trimming outside overgrowth and making sure your drainage systems are working efficiently.

You may also want to check outdoor furniture and clean it, and wash cushions and covers, and make a note of where outside paintwork needs sprucing up. There’s every chance your window frames would benefit from a little TLC at this time of year.

At the same time, take a good look at the stones of your patio or driveway. The chances are there’s a build-up of grime, mould and moss, which has no doubt been steadily growing all winter. There could also be some cracks in the concrete.

Now is the time to tackle all this properly, while you still have the whole summer ahead in which to enjoy your spotless outdoor space.

Pressure washing is the best way to tackle this build-up, and all hard surfaces can benefit from this high-pressure cleaning, including concrete, stone and brick.

This kind of cleaning reaches all those tricky, inaccessible areas of your property with no need for a ladder, and will shift accumulated dirt for longer.

The best way to be sure you carry out steam jet washing safely and effectively is by using professional patio cleaning services. There’s more to the task than you may have realised, and a professional, experienced company will have the staff and equipment do the best possible job.

Crucially, they will also know exactly what cleaning solutions and products to use on your hard surfaces. This protects them from any potential damage.

So book your professional driveway cleaning services this spring and look forward to enjoying your outdoor environment all summer!

How we can help

Talk to us at Royal Stone Care before you talk to anyone else. With a highly experienced team at our disposal, we carry out steam jet washing in London and around, as well as specialist services such as concrete crack repair.

We’re comprehensively insured, won’t use harmful chemicals and know exactly what to do to keep your outside area pristine all summer long. Talk to us today.