Interior décor: homing in on concrete

Concrete Restoration and Repair in London

Concrete was perhaps once synonymous with dreary-looking structures and people considered it a functional, even industrial material. But that’s no longer the case. In fact, this substance is a lot more versatile than you realise. And it can help create a unique look in your home.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, concrete and its variants, including terrazzo, have grown in popularity in recent years. And the material has become increasingly fashionable.

What’s more, the fact that you can stain this stuff only adds to its design possibilities. You can also mould concrete into varied shapes, and create different textures and colours with it. Do this to suit your home and tastes, whatever those may be.

It’s also worth understanding that the newest types of concrete are stronger than previously. And they offer an enhanced finish. You can even embed metals, crystals and wood in the concrete during casting.

Some versions can be reinforced with glass fibre to create a particularly strong, high-quality end product.

Where can I use it in my home?

Use it in bathroom or kitchen countertop units, floors, outside walls, and even furniture and other accessories which contribute to your décor. The options are endless thanks to its adaptability and potential for customisation.

With the glass fibre-reinforced variants mentioned above, you can use this kind of concrete in 3D decorative wall tiles and wall panels.

What about looking after this material?

Don’t forget that concrete is porous. So that affects how you maintain it and keep it looking its best. That means sealing concrete countertops to stop water from getting into it.

Equally, avoid using harsh or acidic chemicals when cleaning surfaces made from this substance. A mild, diluted soapy solution plus a sponge cloth are all you need.

Finally, as with any natural stone, be sure to mop up any spillages as soon as they happen.

How we can help

You can take care of daily cleaning and any routine maintenance yourself. However, if you need something like concrete crack repair, you need to call a concrete repair company. At Royal Stone Care, we’re a specialist in concrete repair across London and the surrounding area.

Whether you need concrete resurfacing, concrete floor repair or anything else, we can help with a professional, fairly priced service. Whatever the issue, our highly trained staff will have seen it before. Our team will have the skills and equipment to deal with the problem. Get in touch to learn more.