Four great fireplace ideas for your home this autumn

Natural Stone Fireplace Repair and Restoration in London

As autumn deepens and winter approaches, it’s a good time to focus attention inwards on home and (literally) hearth. And few living room focal points beat a fireplace. Here, we offer a few tips to fire (excuse the pun) the imagination, whether you’re fitting a new unit or considering adding one to your home.

Store logs under the fireplace

Logs add texture and warmth to a room. And storing them under your fireplace will combine style and function for a clean, minimalist look.

Use a contrast colour to set wall and fireplace apart

Tired fireplaces can easily be revived for a fresh season with a new coat of paint. Equally, it’s a good idea to choose a shade that contrasts with your walls. This helps a fireplace to stand out as it should. And you don’t have to go for bold colours if you don’t want to. Light grey and bright white, for example, still offer a pretty strong contrast with each other.

A mantlepiece for all seasons

Use the space afforded by your mantlepiece to give your room personality, colour and texture. Leafy displays with autumnal colours can be replaced with summer flowers or cones and silver branches at Christmas time.

However, if you’re going for a chic, sleek look that’s modern and minimalist, for example with black marble, i.e. something with clean, sharp edges, you may want to confine your mantelpiece looks to a few simple houseplants.

Consider marble

With its durable versatility, marble has long been a favourite choice when it comes to fireplace design. It’s also available in more colours than you may have realised. The range encompasses deep burgundy, pearly pastels including rose, plus jet-black and, of course, all shades of white and grey.

Whatever the rest of your interior décor is like, and whatever you want from your fireplace, marble is likely to supply a solution. What’s more, maintenance and cleaning are far less of a hassle than you may have thought.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we’re specialists in marble cleaning and repair in London area and just outside. We’ve worked on many fireplaces in residential and commercial settings, providing services from restoration to marble chip repair. We have the experience, staff and equipment to do an outstanding job, every time.

So talk to us today about stone cleaning and polishing for your fireplace.