Make the most of your home’s exterior this autumn

Patio and Driveway Cleaning in London

Maybe you see it as a time of grey chill and dark evenings, or maybe it’s a season of pumpkins, russet-coloured leaves and Strictly Come Dancing. Either way, autumn is definitely here. And whatever your views on the season, winter can’t be far behind.

That means time is running out to get the outside of your property ready for the coldest time of year. That will be especially important, clearly, if you’re thinking of selling your home before long.

So it’s a good time for tidying up flower beds, tackling some exterior painting and ensuring your outdoor lighting is in good working order.

Here are some of the things you can do:

Prune and trim

Are your shrubs, trees and bushes looking overgrown or unsightly as they start to lose foliage? Prune to improve their appearance and guarantee a healthy kick-off to next year’s growing season. You’ll also reduce the chances of plant disease.

Rake up and bag leaves

Don’t let leaf litter clutter your garden or driveway. Rake and bag it all up and use for compost. Layers of leaves on grass can also smother your lawn.

Pressure wash your driveway

Fallen leaves and marks and stains can all the ruin the look of the ground-level surfaces outside your home. So a big part of what estate agents call kerb appeal is to refresh driveways and paths with a good pressure wash.

This will make the outside of your home look better generally, and extend the life of your driveway. Also you’ll get the results you want much more quickly than if you just use a scrubbing brush.

You’ll also be ensuring that your outside areas aren’t slippery with mildew or mould. This poses a potential trip and health hazard.

Finally, pressure washing can also be done without using harsh chemical cleaning solutions. So it won’t damage the surface of your drive or patio.

London-based driveway cleaning services

Royal Stone Cleaning provides patio cleaning services across London and the surrounding areas, with professional steam pressure washing leaving all your outside areas looking as good as new. What’s more, we provide steam jet washing at commercial as well as residential sites. Book your job now, before winter sets in.

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