Designs on small kitchens: how you can get creative

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In London, of course, space is always at a premium. So if your kitchen area is on the compact side, you’re not alone. You demand a lot from this space day after day, so this key room needs to be simple to navigate. Ideally, cooker, sink and fridge will form a sort of triangle, fairly close to each other.

Meanwhile, countertops should generally be near your hob. You will also want colour, design and made-to-measure materials that will last for years.

Here are some top tips for making the most of the available space if you have a small kitchen:

Double up

Have washer-dryers, fridge-freezers, microwaves that are also regular cookers and maybe an L-shaped countertop and breakfast bar combined.

Go for a galley style

A double-galley layout has a couple of runs of cabinetry running parallel to each other. And your kitchen can have an ergonomic design. If you have taller cabinets and one side, that creates more space for cooking and food preparation on the other side.

Let there be light

White surfaces tend to reflect light, making a room seem bigger than it really is. (You will probably want to bring in some colourful splashes and different textures, too. One wall, for example, in a bold contrast colour, adds some drama to your kitchen.) Equally, glossy and reflective surfaces also help create a sense of space – as will keeping clutter to a minimum.

Be smart with storage

Pull out drawers and carousels in corner cupboards are among the ways you can use space highly efficiently to store everything you need in an ordered way, with everything within easy reach.

Don’t discount an island

If you thought a smaller kitchen couldn’t have an island in its layout, think again. You can – as long as it has a clever design. However, appliances can take up a lot of room, so consider using your island mainly for storage.

Use natural stone

You may not be able to have a huge kitchen, but you can still use natural stone. Indeed, needing less granite, quartz, marble or similar in a smaller space can make a real difference to how much you have to pay.

If you can’t do a whole countertop, consider having something like a backsplash in marble, granite or quartz.

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