What natural stone countertops could do for your bathroom

Marble and Natural Stone Cleaning and Restoration for Bathrooms in London

When planning a new bathroom, it can be easy to overlook countertop surfaces. Yet that’s perhaps slightly surprising when you consider the difference these products can make to a bathroom’s overall appearance.

Clearly, the design you choose will depend on individual tastes, décor and property style and type. Budget will also be important. But worktops can unify a room’s appearance. And you can select them to contrast with or complement the rest of your design. You can go for an understated look or something more dramatic.

Material difference

Modern bathroom worktops come in an extensive line-up of materials. You’ll find many different shapes, sizes and colours.

Go for the best vanity unit you can afford. That’s because these surfaces need to handle water splash marks plus daily wear and tear.

Consider gorgeous natural stone

Surfaces made from natural stone such as granite and marble provide an instant dash of luxury to any style or size of bathroom. Choose from slabs with white veins, muted colours or something more boldly striking.

Quartz is another example of an excellent choice of natural stone for your bathroom. This substance is impervious to water. But it also shrugs off bacteria, mould and mildew. So it’s an excellent solution for use in vanity units, countertops, and even basins and shelves.

Colours range from pure white for a sleek, modern appearance to natural grey to shades inspired by granite and marble, if you’re going for something darker or more eye-catching.

Although its tendency to show scorch marks is more of an issue in the kitchen, take care in bathrooms with hot hair-styling tools. And be aware of potential discolouration if your bathroom gets a lot of direct sunlight.

Here to help

Most routine care of natural stone countertops in bathrooms and washrooms is easy enough to do yourself. But talk to us about anything more complicated.

Royal Stone Care has extensive experience in commercial and residential settings for marble restoration across the London area. We’ve worked in private homes to hotels, office and other premises. We could help you, too.

We’re specialists in quartz restoration and quartz countertop repair. And we respond to jobs in a prompt, professional way with the right equipment and expertise to do a good job every time. Talk to us today.