How to prevent your kitchen countertops from becoming water damaged?

Marble Countertop Water Damage London

If you’ve bought a natural stone kitchen countertop, it’s a significant investment. Indeed, the purchase could be one of the most expensive elements of a home or kitchen revamp, if not the most expensive.

So it genuinely pays to keep yours in good shape. Maintenance needs will vary depending on the type of countertop you have, bearing in mind some are more porous than others, and may need to be sealed more often to keep them in peak condition.

One of the biggest issues facing homeowners with natural stone worktops is the potential for water damage. After all, these models are in areas (the kitchen or bathroom) where there is naturally going to be a large volume of liquid.

Serious water damage can look unsightly and repair expensive. However, the good news is there are things you can do to avoid this, or minimise the impact if it does happen.

  • By the right countertop for you

From the outset, be realistic, especially if you have pets or young children creating more potential for spillages. Consider a cheaper countertop. Equally, a non-porous stone such as quartz may suit your needs better.

  • Material considerations

The type of stone plays a big part in avoiding water damage. Granite, for example, needs resealing annually to stay looking its best. Quartz is more hardwearing. Soapstone can darken if too much water is allowed to sit on it.

  • Marble countertops and water damage

Marble is a lighter stone, making water marks very noticeable. (And, remember, it’s not cheap.) Any spillages need mopping up particularly quickly.

  • Proper maintenance

All countertops need some level of maintenance. Regular marble cleaning and sealing are important, as is good plumbing to avoid leaky, faulty appliances such as a sink or fridge. Stay vigilant.

How we can help

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