The main do’s and don’ts of quartz countertop cleaning revealed

Quartz Countertop Cleaning and Restoration in London

Quartz countertops are increasingly popular in Britain’s kitchens. The make a stylish yet practical addition to any home. But, as with any natural stone, a little regular TLC will keep these worktops looking their best.

We’re here to help! Here are our tips for how you should – and shouldn’t – look after your quartz kitchen surface.

Quartz countertop cleaning – the do’s
  • Do clean up any spillages right away to avoid permanent staining
  • Do clean surfaces regularly using a sponge or a soft cloth – and look forward to less frequent heavy-duty cleaning
  • Do place a coaster underneath anything you rest on your surface, such as a bottle, glass or mug
  • Do use trivets, stands or heat pads for hot pots and pans every time
  • Do use chopping boards when cutting something on your countertops
Quartz countertop cleaning – the don’ts
  • Don’t even think about using vinegar, lemon or ammonia on your quartz surface
  • Ban bleach and general household cleaners from these worktops, unless you add just a very few drops of these products in hot water
  • Don’t use tile and grout cleaners
  • It may sound obvious, but don’t stand or sit on your worktops
  • Don’t store liquids or other products (such as toiletries) directly on your kitchen countertop

Daily cleaning

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts of daily cleaning of your quartz surface, just clean with a few drops of detergent or surface cleaner in warm water, with a soft cloth. Doing this on a daily basis and keeping the areas tidy and clean throughout the day should keep major damage at bay.

Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water afterwards, and then dry with a soft cloth.

For a more thorough regular finish, you may want to use a tougher degreasing product. But be sure it’s a product that’s suitable to be used on quartz.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we specialise in quartz repair and cleaning in London area, and have specialist knowledge of this natural stone. We also have comprehensive insurance. Our highly trained and experienced staff can tackle anything to do with quartz worktop care falls outside your regular daily clean.

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