Marble countertops – which shade is best?

Different Shades of Marble for Countertop

Buying a new marble countertop, whether it’s for your kitchen or bathroom, means you can look forward to enjoying a resilient, elegant natural stone surface. But it also involves making a few decisions. And it’s important to get these right – after all, you don’t install marble kitchen worktops or bathroom vanity units every week.

One key decision is colour, which can clearly make a big difference to a room’s whole look.

Marble is typically installed in black and white, but it’s the streaks and flecks that make it unique. Specks of gold, for example, can give marble a highly distinctive appearance.

Here we take a look at some of the pros and cons of white vs. black marble.

White marble

As a colour for kitchens, of course, white is perennially popular. It’s timeless, clean-looking and can transform the appearance of any room and open up the space, giving the illusion that there’s more room than there really is. So it’s ideal for smaller kitchens.

What’s more, a white marble countertop contrasts well with a bright splash of colour elsewhere in the room.

You will, of course, need to get into the habit of mopping up spillages briskly, especially if these involve acidic liquids or oils. Don’t let the liquids soak into the porous surface. Keeping on top of maintenance will ensure your white marble surface, which can potentially show up dirt more easily, stays looking fresh.

Black marble

Bold black marble can certainly make a statement in your home. Black surfaces can also look very elegant, and any stains will be easily hidden. (It will, however, as a soft stone, be susceptible to scratching and so on.) So it could be perfect in a busy kitchen in particular. What’s more, combined with other colours, darker marbled doesn’t have to be oppressively heavy.

Finally, if you want to compromise, rather than having a single block colour, use both black and white to create a textured quality to create character. Consider dark marble with white veining, or vice versa, for a stylish modern look.

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