Your dark materials: consider kitchen countertops in heavier hues

Countertop Restoration in London

Considering updating your kitchen? Add a strong dash of modern design with a kitchen countertop in a darker colour than one you have used before.

This use of heavier hues is a popular trend. But it also adds some classical elegance to your home. These colours combine informality with an ideal background for modern  high-tech solutions if you have them.

Feel the benefits

From deepest black to colours with varying intensities, kitchen countertops in these shades have lots of potential.

Versatile darker colours are ideal for marble, quartz, granite and other natural stones. Enjoy in your kitchen as an excellent visual solution, perhaps with elements of a more traditional and conventional white kitchen plus stainless steel appliances. This gives an intriguing contrast. Alternatively, black on its own gives a unified appearance.

Darker colours also offer superior resistance to scratches, spillages of acidic liquids and high temperatures, so you need less regular maintenance and any blemishes show up far less easily.

Dramatic marble veining 

Equally, if you have marble countertops, on a darker surface the veining shows up more dramatically than on a paler one.

As well as giving an ultra-modern look, having colours like black will suit whatever colour of kitchen furniture you have. These darker shades set off other hues in the room.

And because of dark countertops’ lack of brightness, theses models lend a sense of depth to any kitchen space.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we’re experts in stone cleaning and repair for all kinds of natural stone kitchen countertops, whatever their colour. Our work is fully insured, and we cover the whole London area.

Fully insured 

We also pledge never to use harmful chemicals on natural stone. Plus we’re well used to working in a wide range of domestic and commercial settings across our area. At the same time, we only use highly skilled work teams.

Get in touch, whether you have a granite, quartz or other stone countertop, and whether you need countertop polishing in London, deep-cleaning, marble chip repair or any other aspect of stone repair in London or maintenance.