Using vinegar in cleaning – and when you shouldn’t

Cleaning Natural Stone with Vinegar

You may not realise just how useful vinegar can be when it comes to cleaning up at home.

Don’t confuse this completely natural product with the stuff you use in cooking or sprinkle on your salad – cleaning vinegar is different. For a start, it’s 6% acid, making it far stronger than regular white vinegar.

To be fair, you can clean with the standard stuff, but it won’t be as effective. Equally, don’t use the industrial variety – that’s a whopping 20% acetic acid, and most often used by professionals to blitz weeds outdoors. It’s definitely not something you’d want to use indoors.

Cleaning vinegar is ideal for those who may be sensitive to chemicals, because it’s natural, and it’s a lot cheaper than many other cleaning products.

Make your own

Consider making up your own spray by adding two parts vinegar to one part water in an empty spray bottle. Use just as you would any other household cleaning product. Add a drop of essential oil with your favourite scent and you’re away!

Use to blitz the bathroom, clear clogged pipes and even on hardwood or laminate floors – it’s great stuff for tacking grease and other grime. Just wear gloves, since prolonged contact can irritate the nails and skin.

When not to use it

You can use cleaning vinegar freely in the kitchen, but not on all surfaces. Ones to keep vinegar away from include marble, soapstone and granite. The reason? The acid can easily take the shine off natural stone.

Equally, if you’re mopping up a spillage of egg or even anything containing egg, the acid will react with it so that its consistency changes, making it harder to shift.

Other not great ideas include in your iron (it could permanently damage the inside of your appliance) and for washing or shining up knives. Oh, and keep it away from solid wooden furniture as well, since it can harm the finish of these items.

How we can help

At Royal Stone Care, we’re experts in all aspects of stone cleaning and repair, so we can help when what you need goes beyond a bit of routine maintenance or polishing.

Our work is quality assured, and our staff fully trained and qualified – and we cover all of the London area. We can also advise with further cleaning tips, including on when to use vinegar.

Get in touch, whatever natural stone you have, and whether you need marble polishing in London, granite worktop repair or anything else.