Why your quartz countertop needs some professional TLC?

White Quartz Countertop
If you’re upgrading your kitchen, the material you choose for your countertop is an important (and often time-consuming) decision. With so many products around, it can seem challenging to find something that suits your lifestyle, and the available space. The chosen material also needs to be durable and low-maintenance while giving your kitchen the perfect look.

The benefits of quartz

Natural quartz is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals. For countertops, flecks of metal or glass are often added for variety, resulting in a gorgeous-looking end product. Here are some of the benefits of using quartz in your kitchen, both in terms of performance and appearance:
  • It’s non-porous, making it extremely stain-resistant. Bacteria can’t grow on it, so it’s hygienic, too. Your worktop will never need to be sealed – it’s all very family-friendly!
  • Quartz is a highly durable material – a worktop made from it will last for many years
  • It’s heat-resistant – and able to tolerate pretty extreme temperatures within certain limits. However, be careful with hot pans and ideally use heat pads rather than placing saucepans directly on the surface
  • Low-maintenance – As we’ve said, quartz doesn’t need sealing. All you need to do is carry out your regular cleaning duties.
  • Colour consistency – Unlike some other natural stones, with quartz the pattern and colour are remarkably consistent. You also have plenty of colour choice, from natural shades to golds and blues.
  • Looking after your quartz worktop Use a specially formulated cleaner, and avoid products with ammonia or bleach. The high pH content of these will not be good for quartz. In particular, keep strong oven cleaning products away from these surfaces. As always, wipe down regularly and mop up any spillages immediately. And if you’re using quartz in a bathroom, be careful with things like hair dyes, nail varnish removers, oil-based soaps and make-up. Finally, don’t chop directly onto a quartz surface – use a board.

    Quartz repair services from Royal Stone Care

    While quartz is tough and long-lasting, scratches and chips may still occasionally happen. In such cases, you can have a go at the simpler quartz countertop repair tasks yourself. But you’re almost always better off getting a professional in to do a proper job. We offer quartz restoration and repair services in London and around. So make us your first port of call for all your quartz worktop repair needs. We guarantee an effective, prompt and professional service. Give us a call today.