Why concrete could be the natural material of choice for your floor?

Concrete Floor Restoration and Cleaning in London
Concrete floors may have associations with cold, industrial settings. But, they can take on various colours and a polished sheen to give a softer look. So, in fact, concrete flooring can look elegant and warm. There are other benefits too, including the fact that, as a material, concrete is:
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile

Tips for concrete floor repair

As ever, low maintenance doesn’t mean maintenance free! While it is robust and can last for years without problems, it can ultimately lose some of its lustre if you don’t look after it properly. You’ll need to look after your concrete floor from the minute you fit it. The good news, however, is that regular maintenance of a concrete floor isn’t difficult. As with anything else, it’s about working little and often to keep your floor clean. Remove any surface debris swiftly, clean up any spillages promptly, especially any involving grease or oil. Pay particular care to any areas that are high-traffic, for example around a kitchen sink. Use gentle cleaning products at moderate concentrations, and ensure anything you use is suitable for a concrete surface. (Anything that’s acid or alkali-based will not be good for this kind of flooring.) Finally, don’t brush too aggressively. Even minor scratches and chipping can damage your floor’s appearance, especially if you allow them to build up. So take care not to drop anything heavy or sharp on your floor. Another thing you can do is to use a specialist concrete floor wax so that the surface has a high-quality finish. This helps to provide an additional layer of protection.

Concrete floor repair

While you can take the above steps to maintain the appearance of your concrete, if it does become damaged by chipping, you need to call in a concrete crack repair specialist. At Royal Stone Care, we’re a concrete repair company in London with the skilled and qualified staff, expertise and equipment to restore your beautiful floor so it looks like new. We can even carry out comprehensive concrete resurfacing if needed. We cover London and the surrounding area – talk to us today.