Pressure washing: some do’s and don’ts

Pressurewash for Patio and Driveway Cleaning in London

Pressure washing a driveway, garage or other outside area has numerous advantages.

Its sheer power is far greater than any amount of elbow grease can supply. You can shift stubborn stains from just about any outdoor surface, and make layers of built-up grime disappear. The original appearance will then be revealed in all its glory.

Equally, a pressure washer can access awkward areas such as gutters, cracks and corners. Any surface damage needing further maintenance will then be revealed.

However, operated wrongly, for example on the wrong setting, a pressure washer can cause damage and even injury. Here are some tips for getting it right:


  • Prepare before this kind of washing by closing nearby windows, moving outdoor furniture and remove the worst of the debris.
  • Be sure you have the right washer and cleaning solution for the task in hand.
  • Wear protective clothing and shoes, eyewear and gloves all the time while working.
  • Follow all basic common-sense safety protocols.
  • If you’re actually buying a machine, think very hard first about what you’ll be cleaning, how dirty it’s likely to get and how often you’ll use the jet washing equipment. Then choose a washer with the power and features you need.


  • Use a pressure washer near pets or people under any circumstances.
  • Stand too close to any surface you are washing.
  • Use a pressure washer unless you have first studied relevant safety warnings and instructions.
  • Work at height, including on a roof, without taking proper precautions, as advised by the Health and Safety Executive.

Hiring professional steam jet washing services

While you might think steam pressure washing is something you can tackle yourself, and you may be right, using professional patio cleaning services is nearly always safer, quicker and more accurate and effective. You should also find you save water, as well as time and money.

At Royal Stone Care, we’re specialists in providing driveway cleaning services, and will know exactly what your outdoor area needs, for example precisely how much water needs to go where and at what pressure.

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