Why a marble bathroom never goes out of style

Marble Bathroom Restoration in London

Cool, smooth to the touch and moisture-resistant, marble is an elegant, stylish material that’s a natural choice for the bathroom. Use marble in flooring, wall cladding and even on sanitary ware items like baths and sinks.

To all intents and purposes, marble is fully waterproof for the domestic bathroom. Equally, it’s a practical choice given how easy it is to clean. You need little maintenance to keep it looking as good as new.

The only word of advice we’d offer is to add some anti-slip treatment if you have a marble shower tray. If you go for highly polished floor tiles, it’s sensible if you add mats or some anti-slip tiles.

Whether you choose marble tiles or panels, or polished marble or buff, marble works in a room where there’s a lot of water around. It goes well on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces, while its patina also makes it perfect for a wraparound enclosure.

If floor tiles are highly polished, they can make a small bathroom look much bigger, while a large bathroom also looks spacious and sophisticated.

Meanwhile, if your budget is limited, marble-effect tiles can also achieve an elegant look, and offer all the benefits of ceramic.

What exactly is marble?

Marble forms on the earth’s crust after limestone, affected by high pressure and temperatures, becomes a metamorphic rock. This stone’s unique nature has inspired designers, architects and artists since the earliest times.

People categorise marble according to its veining, colour and geographical origin.

No two slabs of marble are the same, which is why it’s such a visually captivating material. Most commonly, we use a slightly speckled or veined variety of marble indoors. If you don’t have a natural light in your bathroom, then white marble provides a luminous finish. Meanwhile, a black marble bathroom screams dramatic elegance. Alternatively, a grey variant of this natural stone could offer the perfect compromise.

How we can help

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